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The fever around non-fungal tokens continues to spread as it penetrates new areas and industries. Political selves have now entered the NFT battle, Dole is fighting food security with a humorous angle, Digitalax is bridging the physical and digital fashion divide, and even acclaimed wine is tasting digital collectibles.

The Tweets for Charity by Drumpfs Mint Trump

NFT Roundup: Drumpfs Sets The Market, Dole Bites Hunger, Digitalax Introduces Fashion Hybrids, and Burgundy Wine Collectibles Arrive

Capitalizing on the momentum of Meme PAC’s viral presence in the U.S. political conversation, 18-year-old upcoming Columbia freshman and Chairman behind the famous youth political action committee (PAC) Jackie We are introducing political NFTs. Through Strategic Meme Group (SMG), where We serve as Chief Meme Officer, unique digital political collections will be created and auctioned to collect the tweets of former President Donald Trump for charitable purposes.

The so-called “Drums, ”Which marks the first SMG company, will be presented as cubes with different images attached to each side. One side of the cube of each NFT can have a tweet, while another on the same cube will present a neural-web-generated piece of abstract art. The project will sell 10,000 NFTs per smart contract at fixed prices instead of embracing the auction model.

Of the total, 99% of the NFTs will be sold with a flat rate of 0.0232 ETH to represent Trump’s 232-vote election in the last election, while the final 100 memorable tweets will sell for 4.5 ETH to reflect Trump’s role as the 45th U.S. president. Self PAC will donate 100% of the sales revenue to charities, and all NFTs will be sold on the OpenSea market.

Dole & Datuna NFTs to Fight Hunger

Inspired by the stunt of “the Hungry Artist,” where he ate a $ 120,000 banana set to canvas at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2019, The Dole Sunshine Company is collaborating with David Datuna address food insecurity and malnutrition throughout the world. The initiative will see Datuna create an NFT collection to complement Dole’s “Sunshine for All” program.

Datuna produces a five-part series showing people gathering to fight hunger. The first four parts of the series will be auctioned on Rarible starting May 6, followed by the auction of the fifth piece of the series on May 8th. The final auction will be accompanied by a physical installation and digital display in a virtual gallery based in Decentrality. Proceeds will be donated to Boys and Girls Clubs.

Digitalax Bridges Digital Fashion With Physical World By “Self” Chips

NFT Roundup: Drumpfs Sets The Market, Dole Takes A Bite Of Hunger, Digitalax Introduces Fashion Hybrids and Burgundy Wine Collectibles Arrive

As the pioneer behind the digital fashion movement, platform Digitalax continues to push the boundaries of NFTs as selfs by introducing a physical fashion line that an accompanying NFT will complete. Through its collaboration with Polygon, which will be responsible for broadcasting NFTs, Digitalax aims to build a gateway to bring fashion enthusiasts into the blockchain.

Each physical garment in the collection will feature a meme patch that draws attention to important issues such as the underrated creators behind the industry, the profitability that takes advantage of small supply chain players, and sustainability. The clothes can be purchased in fiat currency, not presenting a barrier for avid enthusiasts to participate in this project. An equivalent stock requirement ticket will be used to represent rights to the memeta NFT that accompanies each piece.

NFTs Attract Interest From The Oldest Wine Shop Of The United States

NFT Roundup: Drumpfs Sets The Market, Dole Takes A Bite Of Hunger, Digitalax Introduces Fashion Hybrids and Burgundy Wine Collectibles Arrive

To correspond with an upcoming wine auction for one of Burgundy’s most famous winemakers on May 12, an American good and rare auction house Acker, will insert non-fungal tokens as part of its sacrifice. The event, which contains 16 bottles of the 2019 Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair vintage, will see each bottle accompanied by a unique NFT.

Each NFT will contain a detailed description by renowned producer Comte Louis-Michel Liger-Belair on the expression of the vine for each corresponding bottle of wine. The auction, which will accept dollars and cryptocurrencies, will be hosted on Acker’s own platform. The providers’ NFTs will be delivered via OpenSea to the Ethereum network.

Can you think of any industry that hasn’t yet “earned” the NFT craze? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons, Dole YouTube Channel, Drumpfs, Digitalax, Acker

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