Elliott Wave Indicator MT5 – Trading Systems – 24 May 2021


Elliott wave theory is a nearly 100-year trading strategy. However it is still actively used by many professional traders from all over the world. We provide several Elliott Wave indicator for MetaTrader 5, the most popular platform in the world.

1. Elliott Wave Trend MT5

Elliott Wave Trend is the professional Elliott wave indicator that was released around 2016. This allows you to perform Elliott wave calculation as well as Elliott wave detection. In addition to them, it provides a built-in accurate support and resilience system to enhance your business performance. There are many other powerful features added to give you a winning strategy. Please find out from the provided link page.

Here are the links to Elliott Wave Trend MT5:



2. X3 Diagram Scanner MT5

X3 Chart Scanner is our next generation profit Scheme Scanner. This is a non-repainting and non-delaying Template Scanner. In fact X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is not exclusively an Elliott wave scanner. However it can detect Harmonic patterns, Elliott Waves and X3 Chart patterns. As a bonus, this scanner can detect about 52 Japanese candelabra for your business. It also provides the built-in automatic channels to help you win in the market. This is the most advanced wave harmonica and Elliott scanner on the market. You have to try.

Here is a link to X3 Diagram Scanner MT5



3. Peak Trough Analysis MT5 (Free for everyone)

Understanding how maximum analysis works for your trading is the most basic but essential skill for trading Elliott Wave. A good Elliott trader should never miss training on top analysis. Don’t miss this is a free tool. You can use this free tool with some of our products listed above.

Here is the download link for Peak Trough Analysis MT5 (Free)



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