Market Catalyst Forex Trading Strategy


Market Catalyst on Forex Trading

It is always better to enter a confirmed market movement instead of jumping the gun just to find out that the trade arrangement was not valid. Traders would often want to be the first to market movement. We often want to be early on a trend or reversal. However, too early may also affect the performance of a trader.

Traders often make decisions based on catalysts. It could be strong fundamental news, a breakdown of a major support or resistance line, a rebound from a supply or demand area or a clear trend reversal. Catalysts have one thing in common. Many traders see it and would act on it.

A Catalyst for Forex Trading Strategy is a strategy that produces signals that occur in areas where a possible investment is possible caused by a strong change of momentum. Momentary candles are one of the main catalysts that traders are looking for. It is also often interchanged at escapes from a previous swing high or swing low, or an escape from a support or resistance line. Because different traders who trade on the basis of different arrangements are looking for quick changes, trend reversals that include movement work well. This strategy also uses confluences of two reliable indicators to confirm the momentum.

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BBands Stop v1

BBands Stop v1 indicator is a trend following indicator based on the Bollinger Bands.

This indicator identifies a trend direction based on impetus signals that occur with a standard Bollinger Band. These are escapes from the Bollinger Band that close outside the bands.

The indicator plots a line on the price chart to indicate a trend direction. It conspires the line below price whenever it detects an bullish trend. On the other hand it conspires the upper price to indicate a downward trend.

Trend reversal signals are generated whenever the lines change. Traders could take this as an input signal.

The indicator could also be used as a trend direction filter. Traders could avoid taking trades against the trend and take trades with the flow of the trend.

Relative Vigor Index

Relative Vigor Index (RVI) is a technical indicator that identifies the strength of a trend. It does this by comparing the closing price of the current bar with historical prices.

The RVI is an oscillator indicator that shows two lines on a separate window. These lines move fairly smoothly due to the smoothing effect included in its calculation.

Positive lines indicate an upward trend direction, while negative lines indicate a bearish trend direction. Lines crossing the midline could be used as a trend reversal signal.

Business Strategy

This trading strategy is a simple trend reversal strategy that includes momentum in its configuration. It uses the BBands Stop v1 and the RVI indicator to identify these trend reversal points.

The BBands Stop v1 indicator is primarily used to identify trend reversals based on momentum. Trend reversal signals are based on the shift of the dotted lines. The BBands Stop v1 indicator is a reliable indicator of momentum reversal, as it usually indicates reversal only when a price breaks its line, which usually happens when there is a strong momentum reversal. However, it is important to identify quick candles to confirm the arrangement.

The Relative Vigor Index indicator simply confirms the trend reversal. This is based on the intersection of the two lines above the midpoint, which is zero.


  • BBands_Stop_v1
  • Relative Vigor Index

Favorite Time Frames: 30-minute, 1-hour and 4-hour letters

Currencies: FX majors, minors and crosses

Business Sessions: Sessions in Tokyo, London and New York

Buy Business Configuration


  • Price close above front line BBands Stop v1.
  • The BBands Stop v1 line must change below price.
  • A height impetus candle must be observable.
  • The RVI lines must cross above zero.

Stop Losing

  • Set the stop loss on the fractal under the incoming candle.

Get out

  • Track the stop loss below the BBands Stop v1 line until you stop a profit.

Market Catalyst on Forex Trading

Market Catalyst on Forex Trading

Sell ​​Business Configuration


  • Price close below front line BBands Stop v1.
  • The BBands Stop v1 line needs to change over price.
  • A low momentum candle should be observable.
  • The RVI lines must cross below zero.

Stop Losing

  • Set the stop loss on the fractal above the incoming candle.

Get out

  • Track the stop loss over the BBands Stop v1 line until you stop making a profit.

Market Catalyst on Forex Trading

Market Catalyst on Forex Trading


This trading strategy works well when it is used in congestion point escapes at the end end of a previous trend. It works well because often the signals produced are accompanied by a breakdown of a recent market contraction phase.

Traders who would like to use this strategy must first learn to identify probable trend reversals based on the contraction of candles. These contractions could be just a setback or a precursor to a trend reversal. The difference lies in where the market starts. If price were to break against the direction of the trend, the setting in this strategy would work well and start a new trend.

Instructional Instructions on Forex Trading Strategies

Forex Trading Strategy Market Catalyst is a combination of indicator (s) and Metatrader 4 (MT4) pattern.

The essence of this forex strategy is to transform the accumulated historical data and trading signals.

Market Catalyst on Forex Trading Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various properties and patterns in price dynamics that are invisible to the naked eye.

Based on this information, traders can assume further price movement and adjust this strategy accordingly.

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How to install a Market Catalyst on Forex Trading?

  • Download Market Catalyst Forex Trading
  • * Copy mq4 and ex4 files to your Metatrader Directory / experts / indicators /
  • Copy tpl file (Template) to your Metatrader Directory / templates /
  • Start or restart your Metatrader Client
  • Select Chart and Timeline where you want to test your forex strategy
  • Right click on your business chart and scroll down to “Template”
  • Scroll right to select a Market Catalyst for Forex Trading
  • You will see a Market Catalyst on Forex Trading Strategy available in your Chart

* Note: Not all forex strategies come with mq4 / ex4 files. Some templates are already integrated with the MT4 Indicators of the MetaTrader Platform.

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