GOLD Pyramid FAQ – Trading Strategies – 24 November 2021


(1) Can a Gold pyramid be used to trade EURUSD and other fx pairs?

Answer: Yes, of course you can trade FX pairs in addition to GOLD and SILVER. Set files for AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY and USDCAD are available under this blog. Please re-test first because the Max DD is still quite large compared to GOLD and SILVER.

(2) How can this EA prevent an edge call?

Answer: EA has stoploss, all setfiles are already set to stoploss. In addition, EA is also equipped with a Key via Drawdown / Money / Pips. If that doesn’t work, you can also use a cut with cash and determine how much money you will bet before the cut is made.

(3) How does it determine the trend?

Answer: GOLD Pyramid uses the GOLD indicator to determine the trend, there are 3 trends used, MALRAJ, OFTA and DINÚA.

+ Rare, as the name suggests, entry positions are quite rare.

+ Frequent, entry positions began to appear frequently.

+ Continuous, position entry appears almost every time. Divided into 1,2,3 based on the difference in determining the entry point

(4) If the EA is in trading and the trend is changing, how will it manage the open trades in the wrong direction?

Answer: If the trend changes, the bot will try to average if there is a signal, making a partial close until the stoploss limit is reached, then an open trade will be closed because a stop loss has occurred.

(5) If I rent a GOLD Pyramid, can I trade with a demo account with EA for one month?

Answer: Thank you for renting the GOLD Pyramid, of course you can trade using the demo account.

(6) Difference between Real Tick and 1-minute ohlc modeling


Actual tick brings a price for each tick.
1 minute ohlc modeling brings prices only per second: 0,20,40, and 59.
1-minute OHLC does not mean Open, High, Low and Close prices in 1-minute time frame, the picture below can give a better explanation:


With this knowledge, I created a code for the bot to bring prices at anchor points 0,20,40, and 59 with a deviation of 3 seconds, but in real trading the deviation of the anchor point still depends on the speed of the. internet vps and the broker’s servers. ohlc2



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