What Makes Bitcoin So Valuable: The KuCoin Analysis



In the Crypt world, ‘Bitcoin’ is definitely the Boss. KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange considers Bitcoin as the ‘Usain Bolt’ of cryptocurrencies. Since its inception in 2008, the price of a single Bitcoin has risen dramatically. Despite significant increases and decreases along the way, it reached an all-time high of more than $ 65,000 in October 2021.

Of course, the volatility is pretty huge; however, investors are still interested in Bitcoin because of its strong history of producing and preserving value.

By comparison, a stock has value because it represents part of a company’s ownership. A bond has value because it reflects the value of a debt that will be repaid at maturity. However, it seems too early to quantify the value created by a decentralized, digital currency with such a short history. The KuCoin exchange is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, giving you exciting deals and offers on trading with Bitcoin. So, let’s take a look!

KuCoin’s Take on Bitcoin: The Goliath of Cryptocurrencies

In the 17th century, the concept of the value of currency began to change. “Money — a currency issued by a government or monarch — is not the value for which products are exchanged, but the value with which they are exchanged,” according to prominent Scottish economist John Law.

In other words, the value of a currency is a measure of two critical issues – its demand and its ability to drive trade and commerce both inside and outside an economy. KuCoin crypto exchange and many others would agree with this: Bitcoin is an Asset and has Great Venture Value


Bitcoin, like gold, has limited utility with most industrial applications. Bitcoin’s underlying technology, known as the blockchain, is being tested and deployed as an effective payment mechanism. One of its most effective uses is in cross-border remittances to increase speed and reduce costs. Some countries, such as El Salvador, believe that Bitcoin’s technology will advance far enough to make it a viable resource for day-to-day transactions.

When that happens, the cryptocurrency economy will make sure it is ready. Compared to traditional currencies, one bitcoin has a much higher divisible factor. Satoshis are component units that can be divided to eight decimal places. Fiat currency, like the US dollar, is usually equal to a penny.

If the price of Bitcoin rises over time, consumers even with a fraction of a single bitcoin will still be able to participate in crypto exchange transactions. Therefore, this and the creation of side channels (Lightning Network) also increase the value of the Bitcoin economy.

Bitcoin on the KuCoin exchange KuCoin


Cryptocurrency exchange as a ‘People’s Ecosystem’ is well aware of the speculations around Bitcoin. That’s why they provide exciting and real-world use cases that give you the flexibility to buy and sell BTC as and when needed.

Buying KCS using Bitcoin

Users can purchase KCS, the native token of the KuCoin Exchange via Bitcoin, and take advantage of its benefits. Here’s how it’s done:

● Create an account at KCS support exchange: Remember that most exchanges require an email address, phone number, and proof of ID to register.

● Make a deposit into the account: Fund the account by bank transfer, pay by credit or debit card or deposit bitcoin from a cryptocurrency wallet.

● Buy KuCoin Token: Using the deposited Bitcoin, buy KCS, and voila, you’re done!

KuCoin’s crypto exchange offers competitive rates at BTC. KuCoin’s withdrawal fees are among the lowest in the cryptocurrency industry, and millions of users use the exchange as a result. When customers withdraw a BTC from KuCoin, they will pay a fee of 0.0005 BTC, which is slightly less than the current global industry average of 0.00064 BTC.

To celebrate its fourth birthday, the KuCoin exchange also launched the Crypto Black Friday. It was created to further promote and popularize cryptocurrency in an innovative and useful way. To encourage maximum participation, special discounts, rebates, and sell / pre-sale offers have been offered, especially on Bitcoin.


Not surprisingly, Bitcoin seems to have a bright future in the coming years. Its value is only expected to increase. The KuCoin exchange wants to empower everyone to take advantage of the opportunities Bitcoin presents. That’s why they offer some of the most advanced features and amazing rates when trading. Additionally, Kucoin’s crypto exchange also has several security devices that guarantee user peace of mind.

When investors and traders trade with KuCoin exchange, they can be sure that their cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, is always safe. KuCoin recently partnered with Blockwiz, a global crypto marketing agency that provides integrated crypto marketing solutions through crypto influencers, PR, SEO and social media; to strengthen online communities and fulfill their business goals. So, are you ready to safely grow your crypto assets? Please check out the KuCoin exchange community on Reddit, Instagram, and other social channels for more information!



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