What Trading Style Best Suits Your Personality?

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– Revised by James Stanley, November 24, 2021

Business style often correlates with the personality of the trader. It is important to think internally about personality and lifestyle before choosing a business strategy and creating a business plan. This is because using a business style contrary to your personality will lead to difficulties along the way sticking to your business plan.When a trader finds the business style that suits them best; the style generally endures in the long run. A trader who is not comfortable with a business style or has not found a home in a specific business style is the one who most often makes the most common one. business errors.

Business Styles for Highly Organized Individuals Short time

Strategies to consider:

  • Swing TradingSwing trades are considered medium term as positions are generally held anywhere between a few hours to a few days. The time investment is minimal, which is suitable for short time traders. Orders to open and close can be used, which will automatically start up once certain price levels are reached.
  • Automated Trading Another approach for retailers a short time, or trading in his spare time, is an automated business. Traders simply set their entry and exit criteria along with the size of the trade and allow the market to do the rest.

Business Style for Cautious Individuals with Time to Explore

Strategies to consider:

  • Position TradingThis is suitable for traders who are looking to hold positions for a long period of time (months / years), often basing decisions on long-term fundamental factors. Large capital is required to withstand any potential volatility during the life of the business in order avoid a margin call. Cautious individuals will also tend to trade smaller sizes, use stops and avoid highly volatile markets.

Business Style for Decisive Individuals Who Prefer Immediate Results

Strategies to consider:

  • Scalp BusinessScalp trader seeks to open and close a business in minutes, often takingadvantage of small price movements usually with high leverage. Profits and losses are realized quickly due to the rapidly moving nature of this trading strategy. Decisive marketers who are often looking for immediate results trade the news formulating an opinion on how the market is likely to react and plan accordingly.

Be Consistent with Your Business Style

Consistency in business style will lead to consistency in results. Changing styles when trades are not favorable is a common mistake at novice traders. Judgment should not be given after limited trades, as not every trade is successful. If the business strategy is good with proper risk management, sticking to it should give the desired results.

Finding Your Business Personality and Style: Summary

Traders of different personalities and lifestyles can all participate in the forex market. Whether a trader is comfortable with a practical longer-term swing or position-trading approach, or a more short-term day trading or scaling approach or even a hands-free automated trading approach; business has something for everyone!

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