Top Blockchain University: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is fulfilling its name by providing one of the most advanced blockchain educations available in the world.

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HKUST offers a master’s program in financial technology that includes blockchain course options in its two semesters. For students, it offers a “Fintech and Cryptoventures” course that focuses specifically on the bridge between blockchain and finance. This program affects the evaluation of initial cash proposals (ICO) and the Lightning Network along with more standard crypto modules. Starting in 2022, it will also offer students an “Introduction to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts”.

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HKUST holds online events, open to students and graduates, in which guest speakers from the blockchain industry are invited to share their experiences and insights. The “Insights Into Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Sustainable Finance” event, for example, was held in early 2021 and hosted Max Song, founder of blockchain supply chain tracking company Carbonbase.

In addition, there is more than one research group at HKUST striving for the next advancement in blockchain technology. The CryptoFintech laboratory was founded in 2018 using an investment of HK $ 2 million from Foga Tech, a subsidiary of a Hong Kong mobile phone company. The lab now organizes summer courses to teach students about blockchain. Its academics are working on a decentralized insurance platform and program to advise on a decentralized finance (DeFi) portfolio, among other projects.

The Advanced Database and Blockchain group brings together HKUST’s best data scientists and engineers to dig out the advanced questions around the technology. It has already developed Fluid, a blockchain-based framework for crowdfunding, and Jupiter, a blockchain platform designed to support mobile nodes. There is also the HKUST-Xunlei Joint Laboratory on Blockchain Technology, a collaboration with industry partners.

In 2020, HKUST launched an e-verification system for degree certificates that use a blockchain. Hong Kong has a glorious place in the short history of blockchain and crypto. The largest stalcoin in the world, tether, was created in the city and also the crypto derivatives exchange FTX Trading, to name just two. Hong Kong’s financial regulations have been relatively friendly to crypto as well. Students settling in the city can find opportunities abundantly.



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