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Since the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) project updated its mining map in mid-July, the U.S. has continued to dominate in terms of the amount of hashpower globally. Moreover, data shows that Foundry USA has managed to dominate the top position with 755 bitcoin blockchain rewards mined over the last 30 days.

US Orders Large Concentration of Bitcoin Miners, 66 Exahash Registered in the US on January 24

According to the mining map of, Is a large concentration of the hashrate of the Bitcoin network located in the United States. At the time of writing, data show that 66.22 exahash per second (EH / s) or 35.4% of the global hashrate reside in the United States, while 17.87 EH / s or 9.55% are located in Canada. Between Canada and the United States, countries account for 44.95% of global hashrate.

US Continues to Dominate Bitcoin Mining Sector, 30-Day States Show Casting US Occupies Leading Pool Position
The mining map: US metrics January 24, 2022.

Swimming pool operators located in the United States include Binance USA,, SBI Crypto US, Viabtc US, Poolin US, Slushpool US, Antpool US, F2pool USA and Foundry USA. The 30-day statistics showing hashrat distribution show that the said pools dominate the eight largest mining pools worldwide. Metric indicates that Foundry USA found 755 blocks and captured the highest position last month with 16.87% of the hashrate.

US Continues to Dominate Bitcoin Mining Sector, 30-Day States Show Casting US Occupies Leading Pool Position
30-day distribution measures on January 24, 2022.

Following Foundry USA’s 30-day statistics, Antpool’s 659 blocks were found or 14.72% of the BTC hashrate. F2pool found the same number of blocks as Antpool last month and captured 14.72% of the hashrate network as well. Binance Pool came in the fourth last month with 11.55% of the hashrate or 517 blocks found. Lastly, the fifth largest mining pool in the last 30 days was Poolin, as it captured 511 block rewards or 11.42% of the global hashrate.

Bitcoin Mining Operations Located in Florida, New Jersey, California, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Washington, Texas

Chainbulletin’s mining map shows that F2pool has operations in Florida and California, has operations in Virginia, Colorado and Washington. SBI Crypto US is located in Oregon and Foundry USA has a swimming pool located in Ohio. Slushpool USA has operations in Colorado, California, and New Jersey, while Antpool has operations in Texas. In addition, many smaller U.S. bitcoin mining facilities are merged along with larger U.S. mining pools.

US Continues to Dominate Bitcoin Mining Sector, 30-Day States Show Casting US Occupies Leading Pool Position’s mining map: Global metrics January 24, 2022.

Many of these companies also have bitcoin mining operations overseas. For example, Huobi, and SBI Crypto have operations in Germany. Slushpool and Antpool have operations in Amsterdam and Slushpool and SBI also operate in Japan. Okex has a bitcoin mining operation in Hong Kong, and Slushpool and Pooling have facilities in Singapore. Slushpool also has a residence in Russia according to Chainbulletin’s mining map data.

Despite the increased mining difficulty last week and the major fall in BTCthe price, bitcoin miners worldwide have managed to keep the tempo high. At the time of writing, the global hashrate is running at 194 exahash per second (EH / s) at computing power. 24-hour metric show that Foundry USA has an even larger share of hashrate with 22.76% of today’s global hashrate or 42.42 EH / s.

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