How to Get More with Unique Passes?


Get ready to be a part of the new punk city of Los Machines and crush your enemies with your steel fists in the NFT game “Drunk RobotsOn April 7 at Liquidifty, GameFi and TrustPad.

IDO “Drunk Robots” will launch in a few days on three platforms at once. It won’t be long before you enter the futuristic new punk world of Los Machines, a futuristic city overrun by drunken robots looking to accumulate metal.

This is a fun, high-octane fighter should shake up the Play-to-Win market, and now you have a chance to get some $ METAL tokens and throw your hat into the ring along with amazing and famous project investors like Animoca Brands, Merit Circle ,, and founder 1Inch!

Now let’s find out the terms of participation in IDO of “Drunk Robots” on GameFi, TrustPad and Liquidifty platforms:

On the GameFi:

Minimum Investment in Launchpad Tokens to Get Access to IDO Lottery: $ 889
Minimum Investment in Launchpad Tokens to Get Access to a Guaranteed Assignment: $ 133,350
Total METAL number assigned: 15,000,000
KYC: Required

How to participate

On the TrustPad:

Minimum Investment in Launchpad Tokens to Get Lottery Access: $ 1590
Minimum Investment in Launchpad Tokens to Get Access to a Guaranteed Assignment: $ 7950
Total METAL number assigned: 5,000,000

KYC: No.

How to participate

About Liquidity:

Minimum investment in Launchpad tokens to gain access to IDO: $ 600

Minimum Investment in Launchpad Tokens to Get Guaranteed Assignment: $ 2000
Total METAL number assigned: 5,000,000
KYC: No.

How to participate

To compare the potential of “Drunk Robots,” let’s look at the initial price of tokens and further growth in the capitalization of other projects. For example, the token of the Bombcrypto project was originally $ 0.60but finally grew 60 !!! times and achieved market capitalization of $ 11,730,000! Or another example of Mobox that started on $ 29 but it’s over growing by 2900! Now the capitalization of the Mobox token has been achieved $ 566,950,000. And there’s every chance that IDO “Drunk Robots” will be just as successful. Other examples of the space growth of Drunk Robots-like projects can be seen in the table.

Picture57 1

The maximum allocation you can get on platforms is not big enough for this incredible project. “Drunk Robots” has already partnered with Animoca, and this is a clear signal that the project can be raised at least 30x! Prior to that, Rebel Bots ’NFT collection also partnered with Animoca and after the announcement, their token rose from $ 0.2 to $ 2! “Drunk Robots” has even more potential for growth through collaborations with Animoca, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. And the Liquidifty platform offers some sort of “live hack” for users on how to participate in the IDO “Drunk Robots” with a larger amount and get a cosmic profit later.

On the Liquidifty platform, you have the opportunity to buy one of the three passes receive assignment: Gas, Liquid and Solid passes. This feature is only available to platform users and is licensed to all IDOs at Liquidifty.

Considering the current number of users and passes, each Solid Pass holder participating in IDO will be guaranteed to receive a $ 5,000 assignment! This is a hundred times more than on other platforms and without additional requirements, such as contests or lotteries. It is a great opportunity to increase allocation and gain additional benefits such as valuable NFTs and access to all Liquidifty IDOs. The IDO “Drunk Robots” is only a few days away, so don’t waste your time and buy Liquidifty passes to be able to get more allocation on the launch IDO.

In addition, Liquidifty is conducting new events, drops and contests related to the passes. Last week they held a lottery for solid passes with a transparent system from the start of the draw to the selection of the winner and the delivery of the prize money. And the winner received $ 2000 in my eyes! They do a lot of events and announce them on their own telegram channel.

Public round allocation: $ 25,000,000 METAL
IDO and List price: $ 0.01
FDV in List: $ 27.5 million
TGE MarketCap with liquidity provided: $ 18,750,000 METAL / $ 187,500
TGE MarketCap without liquidity: $ 5,000,000 METAL / $ 50,000
Travel schedule for public circle: 10% TGE, 15% monthly



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