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Leaving a lasting legacy is one of the most important things we can do in life. It’s not just a way to make sure we are remembered after we die, but it also gives our loved ones a sense of closure and allows them to continue their lives.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to leave a trace of ourselves after we die. Our memories and legacies usually disappear with us or are left in the hands of family and friends who may not be able to deal with them.

But what if there was a way to leave a piece of ourselves that would be there forever? Is there a way to ensure that our memories and heritage will be passed down for generations?

Enter Life Story:

Lifestory is a new metaverse project that allows users to create a digital legacy that can be passed on to future generations. With Lifestory, you can upload photos, videos, and written stories about your life. You can also choose to have your Life story shared with specific people or published for the world to see.

Lifestory is the perfect way to ensure that your memories and legacy will last long after you are gone. It’s an easy and effective way to share your life story with the world and make a lasting impression.

Posthumous Use of Lifestory

There are many ways that Lifestory can be used after you die. Here are just a few:

  1. Share Your Story with Future Generations: You can use Lifestory to share your life story with future generations. This is a great way to make sure your grandchildren and great-grandchildren know about your life and the things you’ve done.
  2. Allow Beloved to Mourn: After you die, your loved ones will want to grieve. Lifestory gives them a place to do that. They can visit your Life Story and leave messages, photos, and videos. This is a great way for them to express their grief and begin to recover. You can also request a virtual burial in the Lifeverse, where you would be marked dead in the Lifeverse and buried in the cemetery on the Lifeverse.
  3. Share Your Life With The World: If you are a public figure or celebrity, you can use Lifestory to share your life with the world. Your fans will be able to visit your Life Story and see all the things you’ve done. This is a great way to make sure your legacy lives on long after you leave. Your private timeline, on the other hand, will only be accessible to your family and friends.

Don’t Let Your Memories Die With You – Use a Life Story to Leave a Legacy

Death is not the most pleasant thing to think about, but it is something we all have to face eventually. And when we die, we want to know that our memories and legacy will live on.

Lifestory is the perfect way to ensure that your memories and legacy will be passed down for generations. With Lifestory, you can be sure that your family and friends will always have a way of remembering you.

So don’t let your memories die with you – use Lifestory to leave a legacy.


Lifestory ecosystem and NFT technology

The Life History Team focused on NFT technology and implemented different use cases in its ecosystem. The project has released a collection of 5,555 unique NFT planets allowing owners to document their memories in the Lifeverse, the immersive metaverse developed by Lifestory.

In Lifeverse, users can store memories as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs can be public or private, stored on something called Timelines. These timelines can be visited by guests who land their default users’ spaceships on a user’s planet.


White paper:

The Lifeverse, VR or keyboard immersion metaverse

After the sale of the 5,555 planets, users can get spaceships by offering them the opportunity to travel to a planet where they will land in the planet’s lobby.

The lobby will be a great place to hang out with friends and visit this customizable world. It can be used to access other areas on the planet, such as a museum or the different timeline rooms.

The Lifestory online museum is a modern turn of the traditional museum. It is a place where people can see their live or purchased moments, special artwork and highlights of someone’s journey.

The timeline room will provide visitors with access to one or more timelines from the planet. Some of them will allow users and invited guests to relive the memory of the user or the memories of friends and relatives in the most realistic way. Other timelines could trace the history of a user’s planet, the connection they have with a brand, or one of their passions.

Moments and skins to show their life

Moments are digital anchors that can be anything from photos, videos, 360 videos, audio, or even text. They can be anything anyone would imagine. They can be real or fictional and make up unique digitized memories. Optionally, these moments can be sold to other users through Lifestory’s integrated marketplace. This option will offer unlimited possibilities for content creators and regular users.

Skins are the digital assets that users can use to customize planets, timelines, spaceships, and moments. Skins can be sold and purchased on the Lifestory application’s integrated market or possibly used as an investment to make a profit.


VR walking experience

With the Lifestory mobile app, users can create timelines and upload 2D moments with profound effects. The virtual reality (VR) capabilities of the application allow users to experience memories as if they were alive again.


Common user stories

Lifestory is more than a platform for sharing memories: It’s a new way to experience life and ensure its most complete continuation online. With Lifestory, one can travel back in time, explore other cultures and make new friends worldwide. The Lifestory planets will make a supreme preview on June 8th. It is still possible to enter the most valuable of the four sales lists, “the Galactic List”. This is the chance to get your hands on one of the 5,555 unique planets and be a part of something extraordinary and innovative, probably one of the NFT collections with the most utilities to date.



Author: Jean-Luc Verhest, author of “Bitcoin: The Blockchain and Beyond”, Blockchain Trainer, speaker. Former member of the European Commission “blockchain observatory and forum”.

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