DreamCather EA MT4/5 How to start working? & Frequently Asked Questions – Other – 8 June 2022


DreamCather EA – is a high-level scalping strategy at the end of the US session. The Expert Advisor is a trend climber, the trade is entered when the main trend is reversed.

A set of simple algorithms allows you to achieve stable results over a long period of time and in various phases of the market. This system is concentrated long-term growth.

The EA does not use dangerous money management systems such as grid or martingale. It uses fixed stop loss for each position.

The EA was tested for data for more than 20 yearsduring which it endures the most unstable periods.

MT4 Version Available Here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/80988

MT5 Version Available Here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/80520

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start working?

  1. After purchasing an advisor, open the charts of the currency pairs you want to trade.
  2. Choose an M5 time and attach a Specialist Advisor to each pair.
  3. Set the risk level if Auto Risk is selected.
  4. Set the broker change time to GMT_Shift (see below for how to do it correctly).
  5. For the EURUSD pair, there is an additional chance to select the set you like in the eurusd_set parameter.

Every advisor is ready to work, all the main settings for each currency pair are sewn inside the advisor for your convenience.

What type of account is best to use?

We recommend a low spread, fair commission (Crude, ECN) account with at least 1: 100 leverage.

Which broker is better to choose and why do different brokers have different results?

Broker data may differ – ticking, spreading and sharing. This is why choosing a broker is so important, which is why we recommend IC Markets, which seems to provide the best results.

Why can’t I see StopLoss and TakeProfit levels on the chart?

The advisor uses a hidden trading mode, the advisor controls all levels himself.

This is done to protect against unscrupulous brokers.

Is the robot too slow in the strategy test?

Disable the HUD parameter in the EA settings, this will increase its speed in test mode.

Which pairs are best to use and in what time frame?

The timeframe EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD M5 is best suited for trading.

What is the approximate low per month?

Usually around 10% if you set the risk level to 100 in the RiskOnTrade parameter. It can also be much higher or slightly lower – depending on market conditions.

How often does the EA open orders?

Usually 4 to 7 orders a day, but sometimes he doesn’t open shops for several days, so please don’t worry. Also, it will not automatically open trades once you attach it to a chart.

How many activations will I receive?

The EA comes with 10 activations.

MT4 or MT5. Which version is better?

DreamCather MT4 and MT5 versions are 100% identical. So, what is the personal preference of everyone, to which version is more similar and appropriate.

Is it possible to buy an expert elsewhere?

No, DreamCather is only available in MQL5, so if you find it anywhere it will not be a genuine product.


The Expert Advisor was tested and optimized on historical data from Dukascopy using the Tick Data Suite program, which made it possible to achieve an accuracy of 99.9%.

We recommend using the MT5 version for realistic back-testing.

Why do I get different / worse backtest results?

Quality of market data provided by your broker (varies from broker to broker)

The exchanges and spread of each broker can affect the test results.

Is live business the same as backtesting?

If you have high quality data provided by the broker, yes, it is exactly the same as real business

Getting started with an expert:

Run DreamCather on the chart of the selected currency pair and M5 time limit and set the desired risk level, or use a fixed lot. It is also extremely important to set the GMT_Shift parameter correctly. (For most brokers, this parameter is equal to 2, when you switch to daylight saving time, the parameter does not change !!!)

GMT_Shift (time change) – the difference between the broker’s time and GMT (in hours) (shown in the Market Watch window in Metatrader4). Winter time is set. Default parameters for ICMarkets broker.

What is the minimum opening balance?

The minimum recommended starting balance is $ 100 for every 0.01 if you chose a fixed lot in the lot dimension method.

Can an expert collaborate with other experts?

Yes, but please make sure all of your Specialty Advisors have different magic numbers.

How can I increase my profit?

You can increase your profit by either increasing the fixed lot or increasing the risk percentage in the settings.

How to increase the size of traded lots?

The easiest way to increase the traded size is to increase the risk by trading (%) or using a fixed lot.

How to check that a Department Advisor is ready to work?

First, the “Alga Trading” button at the top of your Metatrader terminal should be green (enabled).

Then, in the Expert settings in the “General” section, check the “Allow trading algorithms” box.

My characters have a prefix or suffix, what should I do?

Nothing, the Departmental Adviser will start working regardless of this.

What if my account is in a currency other than the US dollar?

No matter what currency your account is in, the EA handles it automatically

Input Details

Please see the detailed description of all DreamCather EA inputs below:


With the AutoRisk parameter turned off, the lot size in the transaction will be the one you specify in the Lots parameter.


With Auto Risk enabled, the risk percentage is set, the lot is calculated according to the formula

10 – the risk is 0.01 lots for every 500 units of the deposit

20 – the risk is 0.02 lots for every 500 units of the deposit

30 – the risk is 0.03 lots for every 500 units of the deposit

40 – the risk is 0.04 lots for every 500 units of the deposit

50 – the risk is 0.05 lots for every 500 units of the deposit


GMT_Shift (time change) – the difference between the broker’s time and GMT (in hours) (shown in the Market Watch window in Metatrader4). Winter time is set. Default parameters for ICMarket broker. (For most brokers, this parameter is equal to 2, when you switch to daylight saving time, the parameter does not change !!!)

PS If you are not sure if the time is set correctly or not, write to me in private messages.

opening hours

EA starter chorus (GMT time)


Closing hours of Special Adviser (GMT time)

Business Monday

Allow / deny trading on Monday. This is useful for those who do not want to trade in the open markets on Monday because there are strong gaps.

Business Friday

Allow / forbid trading on Friday. This is useful for those who do not want to leave the business open for the weekend (again due to shortages on Monday)


This is the maximum spread allowed for the EA to open a position (1 = 10). If the EA wants to place a trade but the spread is too high, the trade will not be placed.


The maximum slide value set in the default input data is 20 points (1 = 10). If you decide it is too low or too high for you, you can change it.


The Expert Advisor has two different sets of settings for the EURUSD pair, you can choose any one you like or install both. To do this, open two EURUSD M5 charts and attach a Special Advisor to each with different settings Set1 and Set2. The parameter only works for the EURUSD pair.


on / off information window



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