Is Ethereum Ready for Business? EEA Inaugural Report Investigates


EEA Ethereum Business Readiness Report 2022 Assess Ethereum’s Business Potential Based on In-Depth Analysis of Case Studies, Interviews and Ecosystem Research

Wakefield, Meso. – June 29, 2022 – The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) today announced the publication of its Ethereum 2022 Business Readiness Reportavailable as free, downloadable document. The report represents one of the first attempts to systematically assess the capabilities and potential of Ethereum as a business platform. Through case studies, interviews and original Ethereum ecosystem research, the report sheds light on the use of Ethereum and Web3 technologies to solve real business problems. In the report, the EEA also proposes a framework for businesses to use to understand and evaluate their choices when building on Ethereum. Learn more about the report per visit

“EEA’s Ethereum Business Readiness Report makes Ethereum’s exciting performance behind the scenes in the corporate world more accessible and accessible. At the current time of turmoil in crypto markets, this report is a reminder that Ethereum is much more than speculative assets or fintech It is a robust platform to solve some of today’s most pressing business problems using decentralized models, whether it uses NFT technology to facilitate a global data center supply chain, smart contracts to effectively offer parametric insurances to smallholders, or using smallholders to fight false news, “said EEA Executive Director Dan Burnett.” I would like to thank all EEA members, experts and practitioners who helped make this report possible. “

The report has two main objectives: to help the wider business community understand the potential and capabilities of public Ethereum and the Ethereum ecosystem by shedding light on current real deployments of Ethereum and Web3 technologies to solve business problems; and, through a comprehensive framework, to provide businesses with a conceptual model and toolkit by which they can understand and evaluate their options when they do so. By applying the framework to four key use cases, business professionals can understand the relative business merits and risks of the approach of each case study.

“Is Ethereum ready for business? We believe the answer is yes, albeit with a few caveats,” Burnett continued. and productive use of this technology as a business platform. By providing insights without jargon, and simple explanations based on real-life examples, we have tried to make this as clear as possible to those who know a blockchain and to those new to this space.

Enabling Business Decision Makers to Assess the Potential of Ethereum

To offer business decision makers a comprehensive assessment of Ethereum’s business readiness, the report is divided into four main sections with two accompanying appendices that feature nine representative case studies and six interviews. Report components include:

Report Design and Methodology

Based primarily on qualitative research in the form of case studies and interviews, the report also incorporates quantitative research from the EEA database of more than 100 projects. The report includes two lengthy appendices containing representative case studies and interviews to help business professionals understand the analysis in the context of first-hand accounts. Business professionals can send a suggestion for a case study for the EEA library.

Companion First Program Offers Introductions to Ethereum Concepts

This report, coupled with the recent launch of the EEA’s First Program, makes the exciting Ethereum performance taking place in the corporate world more accessible and accessible to a wider range of business leaders. EEA’s introductions, such as Welcome to Ethereum, Introduction to Layer 2, and Introduction to DAO, offer overviews of many of Ethereum’s different concepts and aspects, and a blockchain overall, to help more professionals get started on the platform. New introductions will be added to the series on a regular basis and business professionals can email the EEA at [email protected] suggest an initial theme.

About the EEA

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) enables organizations to adopt and use Ethereum technology in their day-to-day business operations. The EEA empowers the Ethereum ecosystem to develop new business opportunities, drive industrial adoption and learn and collaborate. La EEA Community Projects provides a hub for open source development of code, APIs, standards, and reference implementations. To learn more about joining EEA, contact [email protected] or visit

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HHere’s what some of the EEA board members need to say about the EEA’s 2022 Business Readiness Report:


“Over the past seven years, Ethereum has achieved a privileged position for enterprise applications. The EEA Ethereum Business Readiness Report will help the entire business community understand how Ethereum can benefit businesses of all sizes. We are very excited to be a part of this important initiative and look forward to joining the Ethereum Anniversary and learning from other business leaders, ”said EEA board member David Treat, Chief Executive Officer, Global Metaverse Continuum Business Group & Blockchain leader, Accenture.


“Ethereum technology is the key to developing innovative Web3 solutions for our customers, and the EEA Business Readiness Report is a perfect example of how businesses can be at the forefront of these developments. At the Ethereum Special 7th Anniversary, discussions will focus on how Ethereum’s blockchain technology stack holds great promise for businesses, ”said EEA board member Victor Wong, Founder and Chief Product Officer of BlockApps.


“Ethereum has become increasingly important for businesses building infrastructure to securely trade and deliver value using a blockchain. The EEA Business Readiness Report shares how businesses are unlocking the benefits of Ethereum technology to scale faster and create new levels of trust. The Special 7 Ethereum’s Anniversary will further reveal how to exploit the potential of Ethereum and Web3, ”said Joseph Lubin, Founder of ConsenSys, Co-Founder of Ethereum and Director of the EEA Board.

JP Morgan

“EEA’s Ethereum Business Readiness Report sheds light on why Ethereum is a widely used business technology and why company leaders use Ethereum technology in their day-to-day business operations Web3. Ethereum’s 7th Anniversary Special Event will further examine how real experiences build industrial solutions using blockchain technologies and decentralized approaches, ”said EEA board member Tyrone Lobban, JP Morgan Head of Blockchain Launch and Onyx Digital Assets, JP Morgan’s Onyx.


“The rapid acceleration of Ethereum-driven business adoption unlocks long-needed digital transformations and innovation. The EEA Ethereum Business Readiness Report reveals how Ethereum and the public Mainnet are proving to be a new tool for business solution development. The 7th Anniversary special event of Ethereum will help advance the discussion, “said EEA board member Yorke Rhodes III, co-founder, Blockchain @Microsoft and Director, Digital Transformation, Blockchain.

Palm NFT Studio

“Ethereum helps businesses revolutionize how the world thinks about finance, culture, media ownership and the relationship between creators and fans. The EEA Business Readiness Report promotes our collective understanding of how businesses create Web3 applications and ecosystems. I’m looking forward to hearing from business leaders. at the Ethereum 7th Anniversary Special event to discuss Ethereum’s transformational business potential across industries, ”said Dan Heyman, CEO of Palm NFT Studio, a board member of EEA.



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