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PRESS. Crypto investment platform Midas Investments reported that it has created an infrastructure that is designed with built-in, automated tools and strategies that do not require investors to control the nature of trading within the volatile decentralized financial market. Traditional CeFi refers to centralized financial mechanisms such as crypto lending and borrowing, which have been used to generate moderate passive returns for investors since 2016. Unlike DeFi, CeFi is different in that security measures are strict and investment performance is close. regulated by measures such as KYC / AML. Human involvement is also essential, being related to online processes, as established on original platforms such as Crypto.com.

CeDeFi bridges the gap between the centralized and decentralized financial world. Midas Investments reports that it is built on a similar model as CeFi platforms like Nexo and combines it with algae and DeFi strategies together to offer hybrid return strategies for investors. Decentralized finance is developing rapidly and a growing belief shared by many industry insiders is that centralized finance offers synergistic assistance.

Midas integrates both CeFi and DeFi for innovative investment options

An increasing number of traditional financial and banking institutions have sought to interact with both CeFi and DeFi strategies as cryptocurrency becomes more of a domestic concept. Many institutional and retail investors equally view security as an important factor that strongly influences investment decisions ultimately. Much due to a lack of human oversight of processes, DeFi is difficult to embrace for many due to this desire for increased security due to the unreliable nature of business and the entire DeFi network activity.

Alternatively, centralized finance relies on human involvement to collaborate in normal networking processes. Midas Investments says it is taking an innovative and fresh approach by combining CeFi and DeFi techniques, automating investment strategies using a hybrid CeDeFi model. Midas ’team of professionals comes into play similar to the model seen in centralized finance.

What Makes Midas Investments Different?

The Midas developing hybrid investment platform CeDeFi is reportedly supported by a team of more than 40 qualified team members to fulfill its core mission, to generate covered yield flows through existing digital strategies for consistent passive income. The Midas team says it uses a combination of market experience and tools based on algorithmic infrastructure and 24/7 portfolio management. Currently, Midas is doing this through three separate investment strategies.

Fixed-yield strategies are the most prominent investment strategy in which investors earn industry-leading returns on individually packaged cryptocurrencies. APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on stacked Bitcoin ranges from 9-12.1%, the highest among guarded crypto investment platforms. Ethereum is up more than 10%, while fiat-backed stalcoins USDC and Tether are up more than 14% APY. Midas Boost is an extra incentive that reportedly activates higher returns to receive payouts in $ MIDAS, the network currency.

The second popular strategy is Yield Automated Portfolio, or YAP. YAPs are baskets of cryptocurrencies grouped by type and yield, similar to ETFs in traditional finance. DeFi and Stable YAPs are the two YAPs offered on Midas. Stable YAPs are centered around stable currencies and DeFi YAPs consist of a basket of 8 decentralized financial protocols. YAPs automate monthly rebalancing to evenly redistribute ROI to maximize returns. The third investment strategy is Complex DeFi Strategies, a newly evolving concept that will give investors medium to higher risk options to further diversify a portfolio.

The Midas team has also recently grown, adding key members as an experienced DeFi analyst as well as an asset manager of the traditional financial sector, who managed more than $ 2 billion in assets with deep experience in building DeFi, and a former CEO of major IT company. with more than 15 years of management experience. The newly filled positions are additions that Midas hopes will help further grow as an evolving, leading CeDeFi platform.

How Midas Hedges and Offers Additional Security

In addition to the platform function already explained, Midas reports that it has an extensive network of backend processes that work to cover and protect the pre-investment options presented to individuals for significant return opportunities in a volatile crypto market. DeFi has become more interesting for investors, many of whom are expected to enter the space in hopes of sharing significantly higher returns than anticipated and realized in traditional finance and fully CeFi platforms.

Midas digital ecosystem is reportedly protected by integration with a highly secure Fireblocks crypto storage and transfer platform. FireBlocks offers commercial digital security for stored security assets. In addition to its industry-standard security, the technology infrastructure supporting the FireBlocks platform works to help automate processes, such as a monthly rebalancing of YAP. FireBlocks helps the treasury of Midas investment strategies with remarkable improvements in security and efficiency.

As a DeFi liquidity provider, Midas says it uses several performance generation protocols, including liquidity, lending, multi-protocol strategies, and algorithmic tools as a security mechanism. Detailed information on exactly how Midas generates yields is available fully at Midas Investments wikipedia page. The Midas Investments platform aims to implement innovative grouping of protocols and investment choices that resonate with CeDeFi’s vision and come together to present an optimized business and investment model that takes the best of centralized and decentralized finance to benefit its 10,000 plus active users and $ 300 million in TVL.

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