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Fusion sequence engaged 🚀

Mainnet Merge coming

Yesterday on the Call of Agreement Layerclient engineers agreed on Mainnet parameters for the Merge – Bellatrix era of 144896 and Paris TTD of 58750000000000000000000 (tentative). The TTD is based on Proof-of-Work difficulty and is thus somewhat difficult to estimate accurately. The target date is September 15, 2022, but this estimate could be off by as much as a week. In this coming week, the All Core Dev call estimates will be rechecked, and the TTD will either be confirmed or a final adjustment will be made to better meet the target date.

Reminder💡: The Merge consists of a sequence of two updates – Bellatrix on the Agreement Layer followed by Paris on the Execution Layer.

Bellatrix updates the Beacon Chain to be “Merge aware”, embedding the Beacon Chain with the Merge logic when validators begin diligently monitoring the Proof-of-Work chain to initiate the Merge transition. Bellatrix is ​​activated at the selected epoch.

Paris is the Merge transition itself, in which Ethereum Mainnet hot swaps its consensus from Proof-of-Work to the Proof-of-Stake of the Beacon Chain. The Paris upgrade activates at the selected Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD).

⚠️ All hands on deck ⚠️

Stakers, infrastructure providers, users and community members – this is your warning. The Merge main sequence is committed. For the next ~5 weeks, stay tuned, keep an eye out for updates, stay smart and be ready for anything. The following is the high level of dates and events expected to unfold:

  • [2022/08/18] – TTD re-evaluated and finalized on All Core Devs call
  • [2022/08/18 to 2022/8/22] – EL and CL teams cut Mainnet software
  • [2022/08/23] – Customer resources, EF blog and other community and infrastructure announcements about final parameters and releases
  • [2022/09/06 11:34:47am UTC] – Bellatrix Mainnet update
    • All stakers must upgrade to EL+CL Merge ready nodes before this time
    • All infrastructure providers, users and community members should upgrade PoW nodes to EL+CL Merge ready nodes before this time
  • [Estimated: 2022/9/15] – Paris Mainnet Merge transition
    • All infrastructure providers, users and community members must upgrade to EL+CL Merge ready nodes before this time. Plan to set up systems at least a week in advance and ideally before Bellatrix

Between initial main network release announcements and the final Merge transition, users should remain diligent – ​​monitoring customer channels, the EF blog and other public resources for any new information. Specifically, client teams could publish a final hardened versions of their software in this time frame and, if possible, users should upgrade.

A huge shout out to the engineers, researchers and community members who worked tirelessly, dedicating countless hours to this. Fusion sequence engaged 🚀



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