Road to Devcon Meetup and Event Grants


Community organizers are the glue that holds the Ethereum ecosystem together, and whether they lead large-scale events, local meetups, hackathons, or seminars, we might all be wandering in the dark woods of the analog world without them. But where’s the fun in relying on chance encounters with kindred spirits identified by an explainable laptop sticker, or that indefinable air of cryptic cool?

Although major events tend to generate more buzz, not everyone can travel halfway around the world for a conference. Smaller events play a crucial role in making Ethereum inclusive, accessible and cohesive: anyone with an internet connection and a laptop can participate in a virtual meeting or join an online hackathon team, and there are many opportunities at any given moment.

With this in mind, the Devcon team is working together esp host a round of grants of $500-1500 for meetings and small events. If you are organizing an event or series and need help covering related costs, or have postponed something special due to lack of resources, we are here for you! If your event has no associated costs but you encounter another obstacle, please get in touch anyway and we’ll see if we can help.

To be eligible for a grant, your event should be:

  • Ethereum has concentrated
  • Free to attend
  • Open to anyone
  • If held in person, in accordance with all local COVID-19 restrictions and guidance
  • Not focused on investment, price or token sale
  • Events that have already occurred are not eligible

We hope to hear from organizers of all kinds, from anywhere in the world. Regardless of whether you need support, any event that meets the criteria can take part – just submit the form to let us know you’d like to be listed. and get a special “Road to Devcon” badge to display on your website.

head here for more details and the submission form.

This grant round is specifically aimed at small events with relatively minimal costs, with a simplified application. If your event does not meet the criteria or you are looking for bigger sponsors, you can always submit an inquiry to ESP 🦄



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