FAQ : A Practical way to better use EA – My Trading – 22 November 2022


Hello, this is a FAQ that people ask often about how to use a Forex EA (Expert Advisor) that I found on Internal and answer that I try to gather knowledge from many places.
As always, it is not financial advice. Trade at your own risk.
I hope the article can help you trade better with EA.

· Should you use a VPS (virtual private server)?

oh Yes, definitely A VPS is a must. Try to use the best VPS you can afford. Here is a good article on how to set it up https://forexboat.com/vpssetup/ . If you don’t use these things, maybe hire an expert to help.

· Should I restart and update the VPS frequently. ?

oh Yes, you should do it every week if no open order in your port. Because do not restart and update for a long time the program will force you to do it during the business, which is not recommended.

· Sometimes I feel that the business is slow and have a lot of time what should i do

oh Optimizing MT4 is a good way that can improve your MT4 speed. I found some article that might be useful for you guys. https://www.forexvps.net/kb/mt4-optimization

· What account should I use? ?

oh The high speed and low commission account of any trusted broker should be fine. You should always ask a broker that it around Hedging, martingale or Grid or not, if not you should consider carefully. Here is some information that might benefit you http://www.forex-central.net/broker-comparison.php

· How do you manage your balance each month?

oh Every month, if you get profit, you should withdraw half of it and use it for another purpose. This technique is called rebalancing. It can also help reduce risk.

· How often should you optimize and backtest?

oh At least I will do optimization and Backtest of EA every 2-3 months, if you enjoy it, do it every month. I will also do an optimization every 1-3 months, then also tell you about the value.

· Why I saw the performance of EA good in Backtest or other kind of test but when I use it. The result is not the same.

oh Many factors involve trading Forex such as speed of your VPS, how you configure the EA, how you configure your MT4 and many other factors include that you should have some technical knowledge on how to use an EA as well, it is not all done for you. . As you can see there are many factors that affect the business. If you feel unsure how you should use EA you show to try it with a small account as the EA recommends first before going for big money.

· How much should I expect from Trading with EA.

oh Expecting around 10-30% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is reasonable. With high returns comes high risk.



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