Bitcoin Might Temporarily Head North


Bitcoin has not yet reached the support level of 13000+. The asset repeatedly approached the level of 15625 and reverted upwards. The major market players could buy large amounts of Bitcoin right now. Currently, Bitcoin is undergoing a correction that could continue until the asset faces resistance at the level of 18500. Bitcoin is likely to pull from this level and fall. Time will tell what happens next. Gold returned to the broken level of 1735.00, tested it, and formed the combination of a hammer and a bullish engulfing at the end of the trading day. Gold is likely to bounce and hit the 1820.00 level next. Although the broken range is quite large and the price of gold could also hit the level of 1880.00 and face resistance. The currency pair EUR / USD pulled from the upper limit of the local ascent. So, this asset is increasing nowadays. First, the currency pair could approach the resistance level of 1.0600 and the downside of the weekly time frame drawn between the highs of June 1, 2021 and February 10, 2022.



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