Live Trading Session Using “Supply Demand EA Pro” (26/1/2023) – Analytics & Forecasts – 26 January 2023


Hello traders,

Many people ask me what are my secrets and I manage to have such business results.

Below I reveal my 2 Trade Secrets.

1) First secret is that I use the right tools that guide me to make the right business decisions. “Supply Demand EA Pro” and “Automated Trendlines” are the tools I use in my business.

2) Second secret is that I don’t over trade. I open the charts, I place 1-3 trades with a clear mind, I take my profits and then I wait until the next day.

You should not over trade, every day has its own opportunities. You should be patient and leave emotions out of your business.

Today I placed two trades. First trade was a Short Setup on Gold H1 and the second setup was a Long Scalp Trade on USDJPY M5.

I received alerts for both trades and after doing my analysis I decided to place the trades. Finally Both were in Green.

If you enjoy my business style and you are interested in a Mentorship Program then send me a DM,

and I would be more than happy to help you achieve your business goals.

You can watch my Live Session, on the Youtube Video below.

My settings were spotted using “Supply Demand EA Pro” in combination with “Automated Trendlines” indicator.


Automated Trend Lines:



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