The Ultimate Guide to Metatrader’s Backtesting Simulator: Uncover Your Trading Potential – Trading Strategies – 21 July 2023


Backtesting simulator

Tired of spending months on demo or live accounts to test your trading strategies? The Backtesting Simulator is here to transform your backtesting journey into a seamless and efficient experience. Powered by Metatrader’s historical symbol information, this advanced tool offers unparalleled simulation of real market conditions. In this blog, we will explore the main benefits of the Backtesting Simulator and how it can elevate your trading strategies to new heights.

1. Speed ​​Check: Testing at Your Speed

Say goodbye to the limitations of real-time testing. With the Backtesting Simulator, you have complete control over the testing speed. Whether you want to test ideas quickly or carefully analyze every detail, this tool allows you to adjust the speed according to your preferences. Save valuable time and speed up your strategy development process.

2. Improved Efficiency: Achieve More in Less Time

Traditional testing methods can be time consuming and frustrating. The Backtesting Simulator is designed to significantly boost your testing performance. Using this simulator, you can achieve in a single evening what would otherwise take months on a demo or real account. Maximize your time and effort with this advanced tool and accelerate your business progress.

3. Instant Forwarding: Focus on What Matters

Do not waste time in non-critical moments during testing. The Backtesting Simulator allows you to seamlessly open an order and fast forward to the next day in an instant. By skipping unnecessary periods, you can focus on refining your strategies effectively and focus on what really matters. Get the most out of your testing sessions.

4. Optimize Risk Management: Make Informed Decisions

Successful business requires effective risk management. The Backtesting Simulator allows you to improve your risk management skills by simulating trades in real time. By fast forwarding through non-critical periods, you can mimic trading 100% of the time. This simulation software empowers you to make informed decisions and minimize unnecessary risks, ultimately improving your business performance.

5. Multi-Chart Capability: Comprehensive Analysis Made Easy

Expand your analytical skills with the multi-chart of the Backtesting Simulator. Experience the power of monitoring multiple charts simultaneously, including different currencies, timeframes and assets. Get an aerial view of the entire market and sample many charts simultaneously for comprehensive analysis. Unleash the potential of your strategies with a broader perspective.

6. Use Historical Data: Rely on Authentic Simulations

The Backtesting Simulator utilizes the historical data provided by your own broker, ensuring accurate backtesting. With access to reliable historical data, you can trust the authenticity of your simulations and make trading decisions with confidence. Use the power of historical information to refine your strategies and increase your chances of success.

7. Seamless Integration: Hassle-free Experience

No complex installations or arrangements are required. The Backtesting Simulator seamlessly integrates with Metatrader, ensuring a hassle-free experience. It requires no additional software, allowing you to get started right away. Embrace the future of backtesting without unnecessary complications.

Unlock the potential of your trading strategies with the Backtesting Simulator. Experience a revolutionary approach to backtesting that saves time, improves efficiency and enables you to make informed decisions based on reliable historical data. Take your business performance to the next level, gain a competitive edge in the market and embrace the future of backtesting.

How to start?

  1. Choose the product that matches your version of MetaTrader:
    IconBlog IconBlog 1

    [MT5] [MT4]

  2. In the Inputs section, enter the Start Time and the Account Picture

  3. Attach the indicator to the chart
    Chart with indicator

  4. If you want to synchronize multiple pairs and time frames, you simply need to connect the Backtesting Simulator to those charts.

Explore UI Features?

The UI is divided into 3 sections:

Simulation section:

Department of Simulation

This section allows you to select a date and navigate to it using the “Sync” button. The selected date will automatically be applied to every chart containing the Backtesting Simulator.

APT -> Scroll the chart to the end on tick incoming

-> Pause Simulation

-> Restart Simulation/Reset Simulation

FT -> Accelerate

BT -> Slows down

TickStep -> Tick Step defines the ticks passed for a chart on iteration. Ticks passed will still be considered for open orders

Business Department:


This section allows you to open trades and apply Risk Management based on the Account Size selected in the inputs section.

Order History -> Opens the Order History Panel. There you can view your trading results and export them to a .csv file

SLTP -> Creates a visual interactive diagram representation of the SL and TP. A second click reverses the default order from Buy to Sell. A third click hides the lines

Order Information Section:

 Order Information

Ticket no: -> Selection of tickets. The order management and information shown in this section will be associated to the selected ticket number. This ticket number is unique for each order placed on the Backtesting Simulator.

Profit: -> Shows the current profit for the open order

Closed: -> Shows the realized profit for the selected ticket number

Closing Lots: -> Lots for partial closings

Order History Panel

Order History

This panel is displayed by pressing the InfoT 1 icon It shows a general overview of the current backtest results and allows the export of a more detailed report.

The Exported Report will be saved in the Metatrader Files folder (MQL5FilesBacktesting Simulator).

You can easily access it using the terminal:




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